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1. Please update Theme (CLICK) 

2. Please update Plugin (CLICK) 

You may not see the header and search form after updating or installing Listopia theme. Because we have designed the header and search form with the element template for the user’s free design. (2018-03-30 update)

You can see that there are two headers when setting the header. The above header is the header visible on the desktop. The headers below are headers that are made visible on mobile. (In fact, you can check that you can not see the header below on your desktop.)

Please refer to the basic header setting below.

Top nav menu right setting.

Main menu setting.

Logo setting.

You can create any number of search forms using the search form (listing) widget.

It is a submit button widget which passes the value of search form.

You have to configure the search submit button and the section to which the search form belongs. Please check the search form container in section settings.

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March 29, 2018
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